Warehouse Registration

Warehouses approved for minor metal storage are constantly monitored by the warehousing committee. "MMTA Approved" warehouses are regularly inspected and must hold suitable insurance cover. Warehouses requiring MMTA approval should complete the application form HERE or email the MMTA Executive.

Section A

  1. Procedure for Registration
  2. Criteria for Approval and Registration
  3. Period of Registration. Termination of Approval

Section B

  1. Warehouse Procedures
  2. Conditional Releases

Section A

1. Procedure for Registration

i. Either a Warehouse Keeper or an MMTA Member may initiate an approach to the Warehouse Sub-Committee to seek an approval of a Warehouse Keeper and the warehouse locations that the Keeper will wish to have approved and registered.

ii. In either case an application form (see Section C) will have to be submitted and be supported by two MMTA member companies.

iii. Each Warehouse location to be approved will be visited by a member of Cunningham Lindsey Marine (CLM), whose findings will be reported to the full sub-committee.

iv. The MMTA Main Committee will give its final approval, or otherwise, which shall be final.

v. The Warehouse Keeper shall, as a condition of registration, become and remain a paid up Associate Member whilst holding MMTA Registration and Approval.

vi. The Warehouse Keeper shall, by signing the Acceptance section of the Application form, undertake to comply at all times with the MMTA Warehousing Procedures in respect of intra-member transactions

2. Criteria for Approval and Registration

i. Registration shall cover a Warehouse Keeper and approval shall apply to specific storage locations for which approval is sought by the Warehouse Keeper.

ii. Freehold premises. The Warehouse Keeper shall either hold the freehold to the premises or be the first lessee on the premises for a reasonable period of time.

iii. Alarm Systems. The Warehouse Keeper should have satisfactory security systems in place which will be defined in the application questionnaire.

iv. Storage & Warrant Records. There should be adequate evidence that the warehouse location is employing a suitable system, or systems, in accordance with the MMTA Warehousing Procedures.

3. Period of Registration. Termination of Approval

Registration and Approval is on a continuing basis which may be reviewed at any time by the committee.

i. Period or registration is for an initial period of two years.

ii. Every two years the Warehouse-keeper and the approved location/s will be reviewed.

iii. Continued registration and approval can be reviewed and terminated at any time.

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