Warehouses Approved for Minor Metals

Warehouses approved for minor metals' storage are scrutinised and monitored by the MMTA's Warehousing Sub-Committee. "MMTA Approved" warehouses are regularly inspected and must hold suitable insurance cover.


Warehouse Company

Approved Location(s)


C. Steinweg Belgium

Haven 73 ('Ouland') B - 2030, Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium Zuidnatie NV Zuidnatie Unit 5, Terminal 118, Narvikstraat, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium


C. Steinweg Warehousing (FE) PTE Ltd

C. Steinweg Logistics (Shanghai) Co Ltd, No. 89 Shenya Rd, Shanghai Waigaoqiao, Bonded Logistics Zone Shanghai, China 2000137



C. Steinweg Handelsveem BV


“Parmentierplein”, Parmentierplein 1, Rotterdam – Port no. 2290 and  “Pier 2”, Nijmegenstraat 44, Rotterdam, - Port No. 2186


Euro-Rijn International B.V.

Warehouses E and F, Vlasweg 19, Moerdijk, The Netherlands and Transitoweg 1A, Moerdijk, The Netherlands


Metaal Transport BV

Heyplaatweg 16, 3089 JC  Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Odin Warehousing & Logistics BV

Klompenmakerstraat 89, 3194 DD Hoogvliet-Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Vollers Holland BV

Kesterenstraat 21, Rotterdam 3087 BB, The Netherlands


C. Steinweg (Baltimore) Inc.

5107 North Point Boulevard, Baltimore MD 21219, USA and 2101 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore MD 21244 USA  

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Warehouses requiring MMTA approval should complete the application form HERE and post it to the MMTA office, or email the MMTA Executive. Information on the criteria, registration and procedures to become an MMTA approved warehouse can be found under the relevant tabs.

This Association has seen significant growth in recent years and a major reason for this is the MMTA’s worldwide network of approved warehouses, a much valued and respected part of this community. In line with the continuing development of the MMTA, its Board of Directors took the decision that approved warehouse locations should be independently inspected on application for MMTA approval, and every two years after that.

The independent inspection process helps to maintain the integrity of the MMTA approval process and confirms the high standards of storage, handling and forwarding that are required for minor metals. To this end Cunningham Lindsey Marine (CLM) carries out the role of conducting these inspections. CLM is based in Rotterdam and has offices around the world. Its origin was in surveying and loss adjusting and today they apply that expertise to provide a comprehensive service to the insurance market. Independent inspection enhances the strong reputation conferred by approval and is welcomed by banks, insurance companies and member companies who store minor metals at these locations.