About Us

The Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA) is a not-for-profit organisation, which serves to benefit and promote the interests of its international membership, comprising companies actively involved in all aspects of the international  minor metals sector. If your company has a commercial interest in these metals and would like to know more about the work of the MMTA, or if you simply wish to discover more about this intriguing group of metals, this site will provide answers to many of your questions.

The MMTA is the world's largest association involved with Minor Metals. From just 19 founding members, the MMTA is now comprised of circa 150 companies from across the globe, engaged in all aspects of minor metals activity, the Association having long since broadened from its original member base of trading companies.

Minor Metals Behind a Modern World

The Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA) was founded in 1973 in a period when so-called 'byproduct' metals were just starting to be used in growing mass applications. From just seven elements covered at the outset - antimony, magnesium, nickel (not then traded on the LME and still regarded as a minor metal), cadmium, bismuth, selenium and mercury, the scope of minor metals trade activity today has increased dramatically.

Industries that have led the application of minor metals - and thus also the trade in them - include super-alloys, master-alloys, optics, opto-electronics, catalysts, electronic pastes and a host of technological applications that we have come to identify with the modern world.

In those early days it was necessary to establish clear trading rules and these were developed incorporating the Uniform Law for International Sales (1980) under the United Nations Convention. The rules that now govern the trade in minor metals may be viewed by visiting the "Trade Regulations" section of this website.

Being a member of the MMTA means that you are part of a group of like-minded consumers, producers, traders and service companies, who all share an interest in the minor metals industry in all its forms. The MMTA works together with and on behalf of its members, addressing issues that affect our industry using the collective depth of its membership to inform on such issues as legislation. In Europe, metals have been swept into the EU Chemical Directive (REACH), which is perhaps the largest challenge to have faced the MMTA and its members.

One of the functions of the Main Committee of the MMTA, made up of representatives from member companies, is to monitor and advise on issues that may affect the membership. 

For more information about MMTA, or how to join, please contact us.

The MMTA works by electing individuals from member companies who serve on various committees to represent the interests of the membership as a whole. Our work would not be complete if it were not for frequent communication between the committees and our members.  To find out more about our Main Committee (Board of Directors) and our sub-committees, please click HERE.
The MMTA also organises a diverse range of events, the flagship event being the MMTA's International Minor Metals Conference, which combines quality presentations with unrivalled networking opportunities. Our Anniversary Dinner, held during London Metals Week, regularly attracts key industry figures, and is complemented by our programme of both social and educational events, often combining good food and good company with topics of interest to those within, or with an interest in, the sector.  For details on all our forthcoming events please click on the Events and Bookings listing on the website.