Metal Norms

Please note, some norms have been changed or replaced, and the new norms are indicated. 

Please contact the Executive should you have any suggestions regarding the data provided on this page.

A published chemistry serves to inform traders, consumers and producers in distant corners of the globe what standard they may expect when entering a contract. The MMTA provides these standards across a wide range of minor metals as a benchmark.

The publication of norms for chemical specification are provided by the MMTA in order to give general trade guidance. In this way the MMTA attempts to set acceptable standards, thus assisting the smooth running of the minor metals trade.

As ever in any minor metals contract, any specific agreement between two trading parties may overrule an MMTA standard if agreed by both principals in advance. If you have suggestions for the inclusion of a new norm or the renewal & updating of an existing one, please do not hesitate to submit your comments by contacting the Executive.

Significant as the chemical norms are in providing a standard contractual specification between traders, so the Sampling and Assaying Standards provide detailed guidelines as to how minor metals in their various forms should be weighed, sampled and assayed, so that results are universally accepted.


Product Norm

 As  Arsenic  Arsenic
 Be  Beryllium Beryllium
 Bi  Bismuth Bismuth
 Ca  Calcium Calcium
 Cd  Cadmium Cadmium
 Ce  Cerium Cerium Metal (High Grade)
    Cerium Mischmetal (Battery Grade)
    Cerium Mischmetal (Standard Grade)
    Cerium Carbonate
    Cerium Oxide
 Co  Cobalt Cobalt (Brazilian)
    Cobalt (Chambishi)
    Cobalt (Falconbridge)
    Cobalt (Inco)
    Cobalt (Jinchuan)
    Cobalt (Moroccan)
    Cobalt (Russian)
    Cobalt (Sherritt)
 Cr  Chromium   Chromium Aluminothermic (Chinese)
    Chromium Aluminothermic (Russian)
    Chromium Electrolytic (Japanese TOSOH)
    Chromium Electrolytic (Russian EX1)
    Chromium Electrolytic (Russian EX4)
    UPDATED Ferro-Chrome 60% High Carbon
    UPDATED Ferro-Chrome 65% High Carbon
    UPDATED Ferro-Chrome 65% Medium Carbon
    UPDATED Ferro-Chrome 60% Low Carbon
 Dy  Dysprosium Dysprosium
 Er  Erbium Erbium
 Eu  Europium Europium
 Gd  Gadolinium Gadolinium
 Ga  Gallium Gallium
 Ge  Germanium Germanium
    Germanium Dioxide
 Hf  Hafnium UPDATED Hafnium
    Hafnium Dioxide
 Hg  Mercury  Mercury
 Ho  Holmium Holmium
 In  Indium Indium
 Ir  Iridium  Iridium
 La  Lanthanum Lanthanum
    Lanthanum Carbonate
 Li  Lithium Lithium (Alloy Grade)
    Lithium (Battery Grade)
    Lithium (Catalyst Grade)
 Lu  Lutetium Lutetium
 Mg  Magnesium Magnesium
 Mn  Manganese UPDATED Manganese
    Ferro-Manganese (High Carbon)
    Ferro-Manganese (Medium Carbon)
    Ferro-Manganese (Low Carbon)
 Mo  Molybdenum UPDATED Molybdenum
    UPDATED Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates 
    Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates (Chinese 57%)
    Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates  (Chinese 51%)
    Ferro-Molybdenum (First Grade)
    UPDATED Ferro-Molybdenum 65% 
    UPDATED Ferro-Molybdenum 60%
 Nb  Niobium UPDATED Niobium
    UPDATED Nickel-Niobium
 Nd  Neodymium  Neodymium
    Neodymium Oxide
 Os  Osmium  Osmium
 Pr  Praseodymium Praseodymium
    Praseodymium Oxide
 Re  Rhenium  Rhenium (CIS Grade)
    Rhenium (Superalloy Grade)
    Ammonium Perrhenate (Basic Grade)
    Ammonium Perrhenate (Catalyst Grade)
    Ammonium Perrhenate (Metal Grade)
 Rh  Rhodium Rhodium
 Ru  Ruthenium Ruthenium
 Sb  Antimony  UPDATED Antimony Grade II
    UPDATED Antimony Trioxide
    Antimony (Russian)
 Sc  Scandium Scandium Oxide
 Se  Selenium  Selenium
 Si  Silicon Silicon
    UPDATED Ferro-silicon 75% Standard Grade
    Polycrystalline Silicon
 Sm  Samarium Samarium
 Sr  Strontium Strontium
 Ta  Tantalum UPDATED Tantalum
 Tb  Terbium Terbium
 Te  Tellurium Tellurium
 Ti  Titanium Titanium (Sponge)
    Titanium (Western CP Grade)
    UPDATED Ferro-Titanium 70% (Russian)
    UPDATED Ferro-Titanium 70% (Western)
 Tl  Thallium Thallium
 Tm  Thulium Thulium
 V  Vanadium  Vanadium Pentoxide (flake)
    Vanadium Pentoxide (powder)
    UPDATED Ferro-Vanadium 80%
    Ferro-Vanadium (Chinese 50%)
    Ferro-Vanadium (Russian 50%)
 W  Tungsten UPDATED Tungsten
    Ammonium Paratungstate
    UPDATED Ferro-Tungsten 75% (Low S)
    Ferro-Tungsten (Chinese 75%)
    Ferro-Tungsten (Russian)
 Y  Yttrium  Yttrium
    Yttrium Oxide
 Yb  Ytterbium Ytterbium
 Zr  Zirconium  Zirconium (Niobium-bearing Grade)
    Zirconium (Russian CP Grade)
    Zirconium (Western CP Grade)
    Zirconium Sponge (industrial grade)
    Zirconium Sponge (nuclear grade)