Warehouse Criteria

All companies who wish to become MMTA Approved must conform to the following:


A) The Company shall be neutral, not owned or associated with any Trading Company.

B) The Company must have their own experienced personnel in the metals business, of at least 1 person in the Office and 1 person outside in the Warehouse at all times.

C) The Company must be financially sound with a minimum net worth of US$ 1,000,000.00, or have financial guarantees in place to cover the purchase of leased premises, equipment, staff costs etc for a minimum period of 12 months.

D) The Company must have an Indemnity Insurance in place for a minimum of USD 1,250,000.00, each occurrence, to cover any losses caused by fraud and negligence by their personnel and any unexplained losses. The minimum figure requirement may be increased by the Association if the market prices of metals on the MMTA’s product list greatly increase in value.

E) The Company must have strict working procedures in place, to ISO standard or equivalent.

F) The Company must be fully customs licensed.


A) The warehouse company should ideally own the warehouse building, or they must hold a direct lease with the owners for a period of at least 2 years. A copy of said lease will be inspected by Cunningham Lindsey Marine at the first and all subsequent inspections.

B) The warehouse must have a fully fenced perimeter. If any side(s) of the warehouse borders a public road, then it should not have any operational doors bordering the road and any such doors must always be locked and alarmed.

C) Loading and Unloading must always take place within the perimeter of the warehouse ie not in a public area.

D) There must always be an access control on the entrance to the fenced perimeter.

E) A fully operational contact alarm system must be in place on all doors and ideally an internal alarm ie infrared, within the warehouse building.

F) A CCTV surveillance system is required.

G) If there is not a 24 hour presence by security guards then when the warehouse is closed there must be inspection of the premises at regular intervals by a security company.

H) The storage of precious or high value material ie APR, Indium etc MUST be in a special vault or a high security area within the warehouse.

I) When the warehouse is open, operational staff directly employed by the Warehouse Company must be on site at all times.

J) Movement of material ie loading and unloading of Trucks, Containers etc must always be controlled by staff directly employed by the warehouse company.

K) Electronic weighing scales must be available at all times, with all parcels gross weighed into the warehouse at the time of storage. Such weighing is to be undertaken on a pallet by pallet, case by case or drum by drum basis for the account of the storing party.

L) Records to be available at all times for all maintenance issues.