The Main Committee of the MMTA is comprised of employees of MMTA member companies who stand for election and serve on an unpaid basis. MMTA is a company incorporated in England and Wales, and the Main Committee members are Directors.  Members of this committee are the driving force of the Association and oversee its activities.

Main Committee members:

  • James Peer, Maritime House Ltd (Chair)
  • Simon Boon, Firth Rixson Ltd (Vice-Chair)
  • Will Parry-Jones, Amalgamated Metal Corp. Plc
  • Laura Bell, Wogen Resources 
  • Gregory Buchheit, F W Hempel Metallurgical GmbH
  • Donald Lambert, Penningtons Solicitors LLP
  • Noah Lehrman, Hudson Metal & Alloy LLC
  • Volker Mertens, Womet GmbH (Treasurer)
  • Wayne Hawkes, Advanced Alloy Services Ltd
  • Chris Edler, Lambert Metals International Ltd
  • David Gussack, Exotech Inc
  • Shaun Walton, Westbrook Resources Ltd
  • Sam Carne, Darton Commodities
  • Suzannah Lipmann, Lipmann Walton & Co Ltd

The Main Committee creates Sub-Committees and Task Forces to assist it with specific identified tasks.  Members of MMTA Sub-Committees and Task Forces normally have expertise in a particular field. The Main Committee is able to give direction to the work of the Sub-Committees by defining and moving projects forward.

As well as undertaking valuable work for the benefit of the MMTA and its Members, those who serve on the Main Committee, Sub-Committees and Task Forces benefit from networking and have the opportunity of building and maintaining lasting relationships with their peers, as well as developing their skills and knowledge of the metals industry as a whole.

The MMTA believes in small, effective Sub-Committees, drawn from a number of member companies. Anyone interested in becoming more involved should make this known to the Executive.

To contact any member of the Main or Sub-Committees, please contact the Executive

Sub-Committee Chairs: